Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Delicious dress: deliciously slow

Thank you to a dear reader for a great suggestion: Vogue V8578. This is quite glam and could be extended to maxi length. 

The one to try next:
Vogue 8578

In the meantime we chip away at the Hot Patterns Deco Vibe Delicious dress, which is so easy to make...unless you make it extra hard. The usual: a couple of seams, no zip, no buttons, all agony. So far, I have interlined all the pieces, pressed them nicely, and begun to assemble the dress. It isn't anywhere near ready to photograph but I include a photo anyway, so you can see the idea.

A pile of underlined pieces
Pinned together before sewing

Some initial learning: 

Work area: This is fairly self-evident but you need a big work surface to cut out the pieces for the maxi dress. 

Max-imize: I have the sense that the maxi dress works better aesthetically than the short dress. The long length gives somewhere for all that drape to go.

Basting: I basted all the underlining pieces to the fashion fabric pieces along the grainline. I've also basted the seams in place in areas where pieces were likely to slip. It's a bit of work but results seem good.

Pressing: The shoulder seams are curved. I pressed the seams flat after sewing, then pressed them open over a tailor's ham (with a bit of card underneath to prevent leaving a line), then pressed them on the right side, again over the tailor's ham and covered with silk organza. 

Sleeve gathering: I am now trying to figure out the ruched sleeves. The pattern suggests that you slit the sleeve opening, and then roll a narrow hem while inserting a bit of narrow elastic in the slit hem. I think this could work, but I am not sure I like this method. 

I took a break to walk around in downtown Manhattan Beach, and I passed a shop window where I saw with a beautiful spring dress, pale green with white flowers. When I looked closely I noticed that the white flowers were embroidered with beads. What a lovely idea. I might try adding a beaded detail to the hems of this dress if I need to weight it toward the hem. Do, and overdo, in other words.

Some segments now partly basted, partly pinned
(It's not as bad as it looks)

More to follow...


Allison said...

so excited ! can't wait to see the finished product! I love the process you've taken for finding the right pattern. it's very interesting :-)


Miriam said...

Have you finished this dress? I'm about to make it in the maxi in silk jersey and I would love to see your finished product!