Monday, March 9, 2009

HotPatterns Deco Vibe Delicious Dress: Planning

Have you ever been faced with a fabric so beautiful that it paralyzes you with indecision? 

I am dreaming of an evening gown made in this astonishing Emilio Pucci fabric. Or is it a caftan? Or a daytime dress? Not sure, but I do think it can work a a maxi dress worn ankle length, with elegant flat sandals. With this giant print, you need to show your ankles to break things up a bit.

Emilio Pucci silk print

Possibly with these strappy sandals
Alexander McQueen at Net-a-Porter for (cough) $685

Something perfect would be to add bands with a small-scale toning print, but sadly I didn't find one. See what I mean with the effect on this Pucci Alessandro dress. It could totally work to create a dress with just the top part made in the big pattern, like this Missoni kimono dress

I could also use black banding on the sleeves and black edging around the neckline to break up the print. 

But please write in your comments. Is this print just too much of a good thing? The muslin is cut out - with the dress below in mind - I'll post it later this week.

The dress in question
(First on the right)
A maxi in every way, from HotPatterns

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